6-Month clinical data abstract accepted for Poster Presentation at ICS 2018

14 August 2018

We are pleased to announce that our 6-month clinical data abstract has been accepted for Poster Presentation at the upcoming ICS 2018 Meeting 28-31 August in Philadelphia, USA.


QoL measures are an essential end-point for measuring patients perceptions of the effects of incontinence treatments. Improvements in QoL shown here further demonstrate the efficacy of this PCL-based bulking agent. In addition to its efficacy, bioresorption is an attractive safety feature of the PCL-based bulking agent when compared to permanent materials. Preliminary results suggest that the bioresorbable PCL-based bulking agent is a promising safe and effective treatment option, and a valuable addition to the current treatment armament for female patients with mild to moderate SUI, who attempted and failed prior pelvic floor muscle training.

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