Core Values

Our Mission

Our Mission is to improve quality of life through innovative, safe, effective, minimally-invasive and cost beneficial bioresorbable products, for patients requiring soft tissue augmentation for the treatment of conditions such as voiding dysfunctions.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide clinicians and patients access to first class, injectable, soft tissue augmentation agents, utilizing clinically proven proprietary technology.

Our Core Values

1. We are a medical device company providing unique and effective products for patients requiring soft tissue augmentations for conditions such as voiding dysfunctions

  • We combine both innovation and a focus on safety and efficacy in the development and application of our products
  • Our products strengths are clinical and market performance

2. We are a responsible company

  • We understand the needs of physicians and patients which is a driving force behind our exemplary quality standards
  • We communicate openly and honestly with partners and end-users

3. We value our customers

  • We are open to feedback and welcome open dialogue with our partners and end-users
  • It is this communication and ongoing customer feedback that allows us to provide value and maintain highest standards
  • It is also the basis for our support system providing customers with the means to leverage our products and maximize efficiency

4. We value our employees

  • We recognize our employees are one of our most important assets
  • We aim to create a positive working atmosphere nurturing personal development and job satisfaction

5. We are an independent and privately owned company

  • We value our stakeholders
  • We foster a culture of reliability and flexibility in our service delivery through a process of continuous improvement
  • We respect the environment and support the communities in which we operate