Treatment for SUI

Stress Urinary Incontinence Spectrum

Urethral bulking agents have an important role to play within the SUI treatment offerings. However, current UBA are mostly a last resort treatment option for women unable or unwilling to undergo a surgical procedure, or after a failed surgical intervention. Urolon™ represents a new opportunity for these women. Urolon™ has the potential to address a much wider population of women suffering with SUI; especially those who currently do not come forward for treatment, opting to try to manage their condition alone.

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Minimally Invasive Treatment

Urolon™ represents a minimally invasive treatment opportunity for women with mild to moderate SUI where pelvic floor muscle training is not sufficient or adherence to training is not met. This same group may not feel ready to consider a surgical option, yet would benefit from a treatment that aims at symptom reduction and prevention.