How does Urolon work?

Urolon is an injectable, Bioresorbable Urethral Implant. It is composed of 2 parts; a gel carrier which gives an immediate bulking effect and soft (polycaprolactone) microspheres which give a long lasting result. 

The gel carrier is bioresorbed and then excreted by the body within several weeks. The microspheres are in turn bioresorbed and excreted, leaving nothing behind in the body except the bulk effect where needed helping to prevent leaks and maintain continence.

A treatment with Urolon can be performed in an outpatient setting, typically in a hospital or clinic. The injection is performed using a cystoscope to accurately see where to inject and can be given with sedation for comfort. Three deposits of Urolon are injected into the wall of the urethra.

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