Is Urolon right for you?

Before being able to answer that question you need to have a diagnosis of SUI and to know what treatment options are available. This can be done by talking to your healthcare provider and by looking at the vast array of online resources (see our Resources section for some suggested reading) section for some suggested reading). If you are one of the many women with SUI, it is important to talk to your healthcare provider about what options are available to you. Help is available!

Your healthcare practitioner can refer you to a physiotherapist who is trained in pelvic floor disorders and will be a great source of information. Depending on your type and severity of SUI you may be referred to a Urologist/Gynecologist.

Bladder diary

Your healthcare practitioner may ask you to keep a bladder diary for a few days. You can find a variety of bladder diaries available online or you can download a bladder diary by clicking on the link.

Urolon – Bioresorbable Urethral Implant

Urolon is ideally suited for women with mild to moderate SUI who either do not want a surgical procedure or are unsuitable for one. Urolon has been designed as a minimally-invasive long lasting procedure allowing women to be free of the burden of incontinence pads, the embarrassment and reduced quality of life associated with incontinence!

For more information on Urolon see the How does Urolon™ work? section.